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The RLDatix Safer Awards 2023 nominations are closing next month! Nominations have been coming in from across the region – but there is still time to nominate your organisation or team for an award. 


We know that writing an awards entry or nomination can be an exciting and daunting process. So, we’ve created a checklist of dos and don’ts to help you create your nominations for the RLDatix Safer Awards 2023.  


  • Give yourself plenty of time to create and edit the entry, and get it ready for submission.    
  • Review your entry and/or ask someone else to review it for you. This is a great way to check that the submission makes sense to someone who wasn’t directly involved in the work.   
  • Make sure you enter the most appropriate category for your project or initiative.    
  • Be passionate, punchy and positive with your answers.   
  • Keep it simple, be clear and concise.   
  • Demonstrate achievements and keep it evidence based – back up your entry with examples of outcomes.    


  • Use lots of jargon and abbreviations – this won’t help the judges to understand your entry. Keep sentences short, use commas and bullet points.    
  • Ignore the word count limit.    
  • Pretend a project is something that it’s not – if there is no evidence of impact, perhaps your entry would be better suited to submission for next year’s awards.    
  • Re-enter if you have submitted the same project previously and not been successful, and nothing has changed.    
  • Miss the deadline.   


  • There is no limit on how many categories you can enter or nominate for. However, if you enter two categories, you must submit a different project or initiative in each category. 
  • The judges will not have any background information on your project and may not be familiar with specific terminology or abbreviations. 
  • The deadline for entries is Friday 10th February 2023. 


Finally…good luck! We’re looking forward to your nominations and hope to see you at the Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony on 8th March 2023.