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Live Staffing Views | Maintain Productivity | Safely Redeploy

Real-time staffing control and visibility that champions patient & resident safety

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What is SafeCare?

SafeCare is a visual tool that allows you to compare your rostered staff in real time against patient and resident acuity, providing control and assurance from bedside to board.

By highlighting potential staffing issues, SafeCare empowers your operational teams with real time data to make objective decisions over staff redeployment. All so you can ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time and therefore, improve the safety of your operations.

“Redeployment of substantive staff to avoid agency spend has contributed to a significant reduction in temporary staffing spending for the organization: approximately £30,000 per month

Adam Ruddock​ | Temporary Staffing Manager

Use data to make decisions and fix problems​​

SafeCare enables your operational teams to make objective decisions, supported by the live data. 

This includes redeployment of staff to different locations where staffing requirements aren’t aligned with the ever-changing acuity and resident demands.​​

All so you can deliver a safer, quality service.


Quickly Identify Potential Risks

With Red Flags, your workforce are empowered to highlight staffing risks within SafeCare, so you can put actions into place swiftly.


Drive Down Agency Spend

With effective redeployments to match staffing to acuity levels and resident need, means a more cost-effective approach that minimise the need for costly, last-minute agency staff. All so you can operate more sustainability.  


Get a live view of Staffing

From unit level to entire organisation, enable various management levels to view the live staffing data, so you can provide assurance everyone that a safe service is being delivered.


Aged Care Providers: Helping you meet the minimum standard of care minutes

With the introduction of AN-ACC, use SafeCare to monitor care minutes delivery by clinical and non-clinical staff to meet aged care legislation required for each resident.​​

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