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Rostering, with Optima

Productivity | Safe Staffing | Fair for your workforce

Comprehensive Rostering solution built for the Australian health and care sectors.

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Healthcare rostering

What is Rostering with Optima?


Optima is a rostering solution to manage the complex demands of health and care, making sure you have the right people, in the right place at the right time.

With Optima, you can:

  • Proactively plan, view and manage all your workforce in one consolidated view, including permanent, temporary and causal staff
  • Match your staffing levels and activity to your patients and residents requirements
  • Drive savings by reducing reliance on agency staffing
  • Automate your process so you can focus on delivering your service
  • Create fairer schedules for your workforce and engage with them better
  • Automate the pay process with our award interpretation built specifically for Australia

“The benefits delivered to the health system have been: improved accountability for roster accuracy and skill mix; decreased leave balances, agency use and overtime usage; and increased payroll accuracy” 

Program Director | NSW eHealth 

One Screen, One touch approach

Optima has been developed with our health and care customers over the years so everyone can easily and confidently create rosters that are efficient and compliant. All while dramatically reducing the time you need to spend on admin.

  • Once Screen, One touch approach – no flicking between screens for the information you need
  • Automate the rostering process and time & attendance management.
  • Automate the interpretation of awards and EBAs, seamless integration with payroll and HR software, ensuring staff get paid right first time, every time
  • Enable auto and self-rostering to dramatically cut down the time you spend creating rosters
  • Use it on tablet devices so you can roster on the go
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Healthcare rostering

Joining Up All Your Staff Groups

Whether nurses or doctors, community or aged care assistants, Optima enables you to create multi-discipline rosters that take into account everyone’s skills, leave requests and working patterns.

As well, Optima uniquely integrates your permanent, part-time and casual staff so you have an overview of all your workforce.

All this means you know you are deploying your staffing resource in the most efficient, cost-effective and safe manner.

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Healthcare rostering

Stay in control of your costs

Optima’s reporting allows you to track financial performance against budgets easily and gives you visibility into your roster practices.

  • The unique roster analysis gives you instant visibility on how you are performing against your KPIs
  • In-built trigger warnings enable you to make changes before it becomes an issue.
  • Our award interpretation has been built specially for the Australian healthcare sector, ensuring the right pay for your staff every time. We generate over $20 million in payments every year.
  • Improve management of leave entitlements and utilisation of permanent staff, reducing reliance on agency staff.
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Healthcare rostering

Fairer and Safer for Everyone

Optima is proven to aid you in making everyone’s rosters fair, safe and compliant. With Optima you are able to:

  • Improve safety levels and care quality by matching your staffing levels to your patient and resident needs.
  • Have a single, centralised and controlled version of your roster so everyone has equal opportunity in requesting shifts, leave and vacant duties.
  • Ensure your people take the correct rest periods between shifts, so no one is working dangerous patterns.
  • Give everyone a fair shift pattern, taking into account their annual and study leave requests.
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Healthcare rostering

Gaps in your roster? No need to panic.

Do you want to spend your time sorting last-minute cover and overspending on agency staff? Of course not.

By proactively planning and managing your workforce with Optima, you can easily advertise vacant shifts earlier via the integrated app, let your casual staff pick shifts they want to pick up and automatically fill them all while improving your engagement with your casual workforce.

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Healthcare rostering

Empower Your People. Be a Great Place to Work

Improve your attractiveness as an employer by offering a seamless, more flexible experience for your workforce to manage their own rosters and engage with everyone at their organisation.

Optima’s dedicated employee app, Loop, empowers your staff to engage with the roster beyond just viewing their shifts.

  • Instantly request leave, record timesheets, and more to remove the admin burden for everyone
  • Send messages directly to your workforce via the Newsfeed, Groups and Direct Messaging
  • All integrated with Optima, so you always have one centralised version of the truth
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Healthcare rostering
Healthcare rostering
Healthcare rostering

Hear from those using Optima

SwanCare have managed to make better use of existing staff, keeping agency costs down to 0.26% of overall wages.

“More permanent employees can pick up shifts where they would like because they have access to the live roster anytime anywhere.

Staff are being shared across different department and facilities means that we can keep a consistent skills and knowledge mix to ensure that staff are being supported and new staff are mentored.”

Fiona Millar

General Manager of People and Culture

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Healthcare rostering

The Western NSW LHD Rostering Proficiency Program has shown improvements in the timeliness, quality and effectiveness of rostering.

  • 8% reduction in nursing agency fees
  • 2.9% decrease in nursing overtime
  • $1.2 million reduction in leave liability
  • And more
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