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Across two exciting days in Melbourne, RLDatix’s People Summit Asia-Pacific 2024 brought together over 160 delegates from six countries, representing hospitals, aged care and healthcare. Their shared goals? To connect, share ideas and drive conversations around workforce, governance and risk management.

The event explored why our shared mission to deliver high-quality, safe and sustainable care is underpinned by connectivity at the heart of it all. By connecting people, information, and organisations, we can enhance patient outcomes and create a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

The Summit kicked off with an inspiring life lesson from Justin Jones, an Australian adventurer and explorer whose exploits include becoming the first person to ski unassisted from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, and back. Justin emphasised the key role of communication and planning in any successful mission, whether for the next big project in aged care, healthcare or our daily lives.

Throughout the Summit, three key focus topics were explored:

  1. Workforce Management: Strategies for optimising staffing, improving employee satisfaction, and ensuring the right people are in the right roles.
  2. Governance & Risk Management: Discussions on effective governance structures, risk mitigation, and compliance.
  3. Digital Technology & Data Insights: Insights into leveraging technology and data to enhance healthcare delivery and decision-making

RLDatix is thrilled to share with you the invaluable highlights and wisdom offered by our key speakers who are experts in their fields. You can access this exclusive content through our On-Demand Hub for People Summit APAC 2024.


Among the leading voices in our Workforce Management stream was Brad Kearns, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition at Uniting NSW.ACT;

“We achieved over $12 million (43%) reduction in agency spend within 12 months through better allocation of roles and centralised workforce planning with Optima”

– Brad Kearns

 Catch Brad and others such as Lisa Nixon from Albury Wodonga Health, who had saved close to 500 people hours per year in her organization through workforce solutions, in our On-Demand Hub.

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Our On-Demand Hub provides instant access to a range of leading voices with governance and risk management expertise, including Janelle Hunt, General Manager of Workplace Health & Safety at Regis Aged Care, Grassy Zhao, National Quality and Risk Advisor at Southern Cross Healthcare (NZ) and Edel Murray and Jane Evans, Group Managers at St Vincent’s Health Australia

“We can push timely data from patient experience surveys into Riskman, and then through to the dashboard so patient voice is in one place. This means Managers can focus on improvement activities rather than spending time trying to access data”

– Edel Murray and Jane Evans

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“Machine learning helps to identify early indicators of decline in patients and ultimately improve patient outcomes” – a session on Machine Learning to transform organizations by

Dr Imtiaz Bhayat, CIO, Regis Aged Care.

This and many other exciting sessions, such as Artificial Intelligence by Juan Mejia (AWS), connectivity to improve health ecosystems by Emma Hossack (MSIA); on our On-Demand Hub for People Summit APAC 2024.

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