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Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS) in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria has kicked-off a project to upgrade its e-Rostering platform to drive improvements in patient safety, the deployment of its workforce to achieve compliance and the reduction of agency staff costs.  DjHS will move from Allocate’s RosterOn system to its new Optima platform, described as “the evolution of rostering.” Following the implementation of Optima, the health service will also implement SafeCare, the solution widely used by NHS Trust in the UK that matches staffing levels to patient acuity allowing ward managers to make informed decisions and create acuity driven staffing.

Located on the urban fringe in Victoria, DjHS provides essential services across acute, maternity, aged care and allied and community health.  Safe and transparent staff rostering is critical to the success of the services it delivers and the investment in Allocate’s Optima will empower staff to make more informed decisions about staff rostering and also provide vital visibility on staff utilisation for the Executive and Board.

At DjHS, the rostering process of staff is both labour intensive and manual. The introduction of Optima is expected to automate the roster generation process and improve the quality of the rosters produced. Ultimately, efficient rostering practices will bring to DjHS adequate staffing levels matched to availability as well as improved staff utilisation and leave management.

Amelia Beasley, Director People and Culture at DJHS, commented;

“The upgrade to Optima is fundamental as it will enable us to drive improvements in our rostering by automating processes, giving us much greater visibility of our staff utilisation in order to minimise unnecessary labour costs.  We see Optima as a comprehensive platform that will allow us to have practicable compliant cost-effective rostering.”

Matt Durston, Managing Director APAC, Allocate commented;

“The introduction of Optima by DJHS will help the organisation make some step changes with its staff rostering and management.  Effective rostering allows organisations to make clearer, more efficient decisions based on real-time data.  By gaining a true picture of staff utilisation, organisations are able to take control and plan their resource more effectively.  Added to that, with SafeCare, DJHS will be able to provide acuity based rostering which ensures all shifts are compliant and are deliver with the utmost safety.”

Allocate works with a number of healthcare operators in Australia providing support across general healthcare, aged care and acute facilities.  Its technology is helping organisations tackle profitability and efficiency in an increasingly challenging sector.

Allocate currently works with over 80 organisations across all states.  With over 250,000 rostered each day in Australia using its software, Allocate rostering solutions are proving to be a popular e-rostering choice which continues to improve healthcare outcomes whilst driving down costs for healthcare organisations.

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