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Intelligent Rostering | Financially Smarter | Clinically Safer

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Intelligent rostering

Discover how you can turn rostering into the operational centre of how you run your organisation

The Optima Difference

For us, workforce management is more than just creating a roster, and then revisiting it to run payroll. It’s about efficient use of your staffing resource you have available, so you can deliver a safe service.

The old way leads to staffing gaps when there shouldn’t be and that are costly to fill, as well as times when you’re over staffed and wasted resource.

All this leads to unhappy, burnt out staff. Plus, an unsafe service for your patients & residents.

Intelligent rostering

Make your rosters work for you

We take the concept of a roster and turn it into the operational centre of how you run your organisation.

By using Optima to make your rosters the foundation of your service delivery, you can ensure you are delivering a service that is correctly staffed, safe for everyone, and to budget.

Discover what we do, to create the Optima difference

1. Create the best possible rosters

With innovative automation and people-centric processes that build in leave and shift requests right from the start, our comprehensive Optima suite enables you to easily create complex, multi-disciplinary team schedules. Real time data means your rosters tell you how they are performing on safety, budget and other key KPI’s.

Intelligent rostering
Intelligent rostering

2. Let your rosters live and breathe

There is always going to be changes in the roster, right up to the day the shift is worked. With real time data and in-built rules & reporting, Optima enables you to deal with the changes as they happen, clearly identifying any gaps so you can fill them quickly, and at the right cost.

3. Move from just planning, to live operations

When the shift starts, empower your operational teams with the data to deliver a safe, quality service. With access to the live data, for both your workforce and patient/resident acuity, your teams can deal with changes and fix problems as they are happening, using the data to support their Professional Judgement.

Intelligent rostering
Discover the Optima platform
Discover the difference Optima can make to your care setting

The benefits delivered to the health system have been: improved accountability for roster accuracy and skill mix; decreased leave balances, agency use and overtime usage; and increased payroll accuracy

Program Director | NSW eHealth
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